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Advanced Perfusion Diagnostics

APD's mission is to improve the management of critically ill and high-risk patients through gut perfusion monitoring.

APD develops a new single-use device for non-invasive and continuous assessment of gut microcirculation in the critical care and surgical settings. The APD product will detect early signs of sepsis hours, if not days, before the tests currently used and the clinical symptoms. It is based on subtle changes in the duodenum perfusion. Impairment of gut microcirculation during septic shock is a triggering factor for multi-organ dysfunction syndrome and subsequent death. Despite its therapeutic importance, assessment of microcirculation remains difficult, with only non-continuous and deferred measurements when available.

APD addresses the patient monitoring segments of the critical care and anesthesiology markets. The annual potential market for APD, estimated to 1 billion euros, involves over 4 million patients per year having a high complication rate and requiring very expensive care. The business opportunity for APD is to be the first player in this market to offer timely and appropriate monitoring.

APD technology renders accessible a new, highly relevant point of measurement for regional perfusion in the gut. It offers an early indicator to guide treatment and prevent organ deterioration of ICU and surgical patients. It is expected that APD technology will significantly contribute to reduce patient complications and treatment cost. The product has gone through the pre-clinical validation, as well as First-in-Man clinical trials and has received CE mark in 2016.