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HEPTA Medical is developing a unique minimally invasive non surgical treatment modality for early lung cancer, allowing for a real time, targeted and adapted ablation of the lesions.

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death around the world with 2.1 million patients diagnosed each year, with lung cancer related mortality largely unchanged for the past 40 years (1). Recent results from a major trial (2) demonstrated the positive impact of lung screening programs on mortality, dramatically impacting the pulmonology practice. Since then, technological advances have been oriented towards the development of modalities combining navigation, access, diagnosis and on the spot treatment. As of today, surgical resection remains the Standard of care, but 75% patients are not surgical candidates.

HEPTA medical is developing an endoscopically delivered ablation catheter that uses temperature-based feedback and real-time dosing to precisely target and ablate pulmonary nodules, the precursor of lung cancer, without the need for surgery or radiation.

HEPTA medical is currently finalizing and validating the design of its prototypes in order get ready for pre-clinical and clinical trials.

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